Crocheting with Three Strands of Yarn

Master the process of crocheting with more than one strand of yarn at a time with this simple photo tutorial. Once you practice this technique with the Chevron City Pillow, you’ll want to make all sorts of quick and easy projects!

  1. Begin by making the yarn into an S-shape.
  2. Pinch the center of the S to pick up 3 strands of yarn.
  3. Make a slipknot onto your crochet hook, wrapping all 3 strands together.
  4. Placing your fingers through the lp of yarn, pick up the single strand of yarn coming from the cake and pull it through the lp.
  5. Pull a length of yarn off of the cake to make a long lp.
  6. Pull the 3 strands of yarn together so that the single strand winds off of the cake to join the new long lp.
  7. Crochet using all 3 strands.
  8. Rep the chaining method when you reach the end of a lp; pull the single strand through the end of the lp to make a new long lp and allow the single strand to pull off of the cake as you crochet along.


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