June 2022: Table of Contents

Picture this: Your ticket is booked for a dream vacation and now it’s time to decide what to crochet for your summer adventures. To make it easier to assemble a vacation’s worth of chic crocheted pieces, we asked our designers to look to the sea, the sand, and the sun for inspiration.

Start the search for your passport and break out your suitcase from storage because these crochet patterns are going to take you places. Whether you prefer pops of color or classic neutrals, we have new wraps to crochet in every shade under the sun. Designed with toes-in-the-sand spirit, these pieces will transport you to your favorite beach this summer.

The centerpiece of the collection, the Meri Beach Sweater, is a piece that catches the summer breeze just right. We’re declaring this sweater the official layer of summer.

Transport yourself to the sea with the Sunset Surf Blanket, a graphgan style blanket worked in simple half double crochet stitches. You can almost feel the ocean breeze blowing across Welcome to Paradise Pillow.

Destination: Paradise. Consider these crochet patterns your virtual boarding pass.

Happy summer crocheting,
Caitlin Eaton


You can almost feel the ocean breeze blowing across this tranquil beach-scene pillow embellished with seagulls, sea shells, towel and umbrella with fringe! Read More 

A round neckline, all over mesh, and staggered blue striped hem lend this breathable, lightweight sweater a resort-ready edge. The Y stitch enlivens this sweater for warm summer days and breezy evenings. Read More 

Beads, shells and raffia evoke a sun, sand and sea vibe for the summer months. Read More