The Earth Day Crochet Collection
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Crocheting is a wonderful way to connect with nature and express our love for the environment. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve rounded-up a collection nature-inspired crochet patterns that feature a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable yarns. These patterns range from delicate flower motifs to nature-themed home décor and shawls. Some popular yarns used in these patterns include recycled cotton, 100% Alpaca yarn, and even yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and denim. These sustainable yarns not only reduce waste but also offer unique textures and colors that add to the beauty of the finished projects. By choosing to use eco-friendly yarns, crocheters can make a positive impact on the environment while creating beautiful and meaningful pieces that celebrate our planet.


Hanging planters are not just charming, old-school items — they’re attractive space savers that can easily be crocheted. Introducing the Horizon Plant Hanger. By taking a simple shell pattern and mixing it with another shell motif, you’ll be able to create your own hanging plant holder that’s perfect for showing off your indoor greenery. Read More 

This beautiful vest is worked in a lacy floral square for each front panel and the back. The sides are worked in simple filet crochet that can adjust the necessary sizes. This pattern can be worked in two colors or the whole vest can be worked in one color. Read More 

This modern shoulder bag is super versatile and a great year-round accessory. Inspired and pieced together like patchwork jeans, this spacious bag includes leather handles and a magnetic clasp closure, making it a must-have bag for any season. Read More 

Large metal rings and plastic clothesline are crocheted over with hemp to create an exceptionally sturdy basket that will add a natural accent to any room. Set it beside your favorite reading chair to keep your digital tablet, magazines and hardcover books within reach —or use it to hold your yarn! Read More 

It's Earth Day every day with these crochet products! From sustainable yarn to adorable pins and stickers, show your love for the earth and your craft at the same time. Read More 

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly products in the fashion industry, and the same can be said for yarns that can be used for crocheting. Many yarn companies are now offering sustainable and eco-friendly yarn lines that are made from materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and even bamboo. The yarns in this round-up not only reduce environmental impact but also offer a soft and luxurious feel, making them a popular choice for those who care about both the environment and the quality of their crocheting projects. Read More 

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