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Chevron Themed Crochet Products Round Up

We were feeling the “chevron” vibes when we put together the Chevron Crochet Collection, so we rounded up some favorite crochet products that use a chevron design!


  1. Hemline Retractable Tape Measure, $6; etsy.com 
  2. Set of 2 Chevron Stitch Markers, $2; etsy.com
  3. Colorful Chevron Project Bag, $25; etsy.com
  4. Silver & Enamel Wavy Buttons, $2; etsy.com
  5. Blue and Yellow Chevron Pattern Crochet Hook Case, $9; etsy.com
  6. Japanese Knot Bag, $20; etsy.com
  7. Bamboo Cardigan Buttons, $8; etsy.com
  8. High Capacity Portable Yarn Tote, $36; amazon.com
  9. Drawstring Project Bag, $23; etsy.com 
  10. ‘Scribble Chevron’ Crochet Hook Case, $10; amazon.com
  11. Premium Craft Caddy by Little Grey Rabbit, $25; amazon.com
  12. Crochet Hook Case, $27; etsy.com


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