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How to Crochet Afghans: 12 Afghan Patterns for Any Occasion

12 Afghan Patterns for Any OccasionCrochet afghans can be made in a variety of yarn weights, colors and constructions, proving there’s a crochet afghan pattern for any occasion. From one-colored stretches to striped and colorful designs, the possibilities are endless for making a crochet afghan in just the right style. Blankets come in all different sizes, too, from baby-sized styles perfect for cribs to full-sized afghans to drape over a bed. Whether you’re in the dead of winter or right in the middle of the hottest summer you can remember, a crochet afghan is always useful. Thicker yarns will make those winter afghans your coziest companions and lace-weight yarn will make a delicate throw that’s perfect for a slightly too air conditioned home or even just for decoration.

Plus, you can choose between construction styles, too! If you’re planning on just crocheting at home, you can work on a full afghan that is worked side-to-side and in rows, but there are modular crochet afghan patterns out there that can be worked in smaller chunks, like individual granny squares, and then joined later. This lets you work on your project in smaller chunks and even on the go. With such a huge variety of options with even the stitches used in the patterns, you’re bound to find an afghan for just about any occasion.

Crochet Granny Square Afghans

StainedGlassGrannyeditGranny square afghans are made by making each individual square and attaching everything at the end. Because of this, though, you can work on your afghan anywhere! These simple afghan patterns feature different color schemes and designs so whether you are looking for something bright and sunny or something a little darker, you’ll find your favorite afghan here.

Shell Crochet Afghan Patterns

CrissCrossShellsThrowCrochet afghan patterns can be made with such a variety of stitches and flourishes, but one of my favorites would have to be the shell stitch. It’s a truly gorgeous little stitch that leaves little fanned out shell pieces throughout the pattern, and whether it’s made using all one colors or it’s crocheted in multiple ones, the end results is always glamorous.


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