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Stay Safe at Home: 10 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

Plus, The Latest Updates from the CDC

The news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is anything but slow moving — things are evolving at a rapid pace with new facts and additional safety guidelines being announced almost every day. This is especially true regarding facemasks. While there is still debate regarding the efficacy of non-medical grade face coverings, a recent article from the Washington Post states that the CDC is now considering asking people to wear face coverings any time they are out in public.  

If the CDC does go forward with this suggestion, crafters are already prepared. In the event they can’t find a store-bought mask, they have the skills to make their own. With a few hospitals already accepting handmade mask donations to help protect their workers, many makers have risen to the challenge of helping their communities in need, in whatever way they can. If you are interested in making your own masks for donation, our sister site FaveCrafts.com, wrote an excellent article explaining the need for these masks, who is accepting donations, and a few free sewn facemask tutorials if you’re in need of a pattern. If you’re not an advanced sewer, this Super Simple Facemask Tutorial is especially easy to follow. 

Read the full FaveCrafts article here: Facemask Cover DIYs + Where to Donate Facemasks 

While the CDC still advises the general public against wearing medical masks (so there are enough supplies for medical professionals), there is still uncertainty as to whether or not it’s safe to go out without any nose-and-mouth protection.The CDC has stated previously that if facemasks are not available to healthcare workers, bandanas or scarves could be used as a last resort; however it is unknown how effective these will be in terms of protection. 

Until more is announced, it’s difficult to know which types of face coverings are the most effective. That said, if you are looking for crochet scarf patterns to use for face coverage (whether it’s over a mask or without one), below is a hand-selected list of crochet scarf patterns from our magazines that we are offering for free until the end of April. 

10 Crochet Scarf Patterns

Bubble Gum Scarf | Cabbage Patch Scarf | Mollie Cowl | Simple Snowflake Scarf

Super Scarf Pattern | Vanilla Bean Scarf | Hanna C2C Scarf | Mallory Infinity Cowl

Margot Queen Anne’s Scarf | Dog Mom Cowl 


And if you have never crocheted before, or need a refresher, we are also opening up our beginner crochet tutorials section for free to help others learn this beautiful craft. Now more than ever, it’s important to find ways to relax, and crocheting is an excellent way to ease anxiety. There is something incredibly soothing about working on a project, one stitch at a time, fingers moving quickly around the yarn as your mind lets go of the day-to-day tension and you’re able to slow down. 

We’ll get through this together. One day at a time. One stitch at a time. Until hopefully, one day, we’ll stand back and see not only a newly finished crochet project, but a world that’s whole again. Safe again. And more united than it ever was before. 

We hope these patterns provide some comfort. Please stay safe and healthy. 

All our best, 

Editors of I Like Crochet 




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