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How To Do a Puff Stitch in Crochet

Learn how to crochet the puff stitch with this photo +video tutorial

Looking for a fun texture to add to your crochet patterns? Look no further than the crochet puff stitch. The puff stitch, abbreviated as PS in most patterns, generally smaller then the bobble or popcorn and have their own excellent textural punch. We think you’ll really love this free stitch tutorial!

How To Do a Puff Stitch in Crochet

Puff Stitch: (Yo, insert hook into previous row between first and second dc in 3-dc group, yo, draw up a long lp) 3 times (7 loops on hook), yo, draw through first 5 lps, yo, draw through remaining 2 ls on hook.cluster-puff-bobble

While bobbles and popcorns can be made with multiple types of stitches – double crochet, treble, double treble – puffs are usually made with half double crochets, and its symbol reflects that common approach. I say usually because there are exceptions to every rule. Here are some fun variations on the puff stitch that you may come across in patterns:

Puff Stitch (PS): (Yo, draw up a loop) 4 times in stitch, yo, draw through all 9 sts on hook.

Crossed Puff Stitch (xp) (worked over 2 sts and completed with a ch 1.

Insert hook in next st, yo, draw up a loop (to approx. height of dc). Insert hook in next st, yo, draw up a loop. Bring hook across the front of the loops just made and insert hook in the first st worked, yo, draw up a loop. Insert hook in 2nd st worked, yo, draw up a loop (5 loops on hook). Yo, draw through all loops, ch 1. (1 xp completed).

Sideways Puff Stitch (SPS)

Dc in next st, ch 2, (YO, wrap hook around post of dc just made, draw up a ½” loop) 4 times, YO, pull through all loops on hook, ch 1, sk next 2 sts.

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The Puff Stitch:

  1. Work a partial half double crochet in the stitch indicated: yarn over, insert hook into designated stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop. You will have three loops on the hook.
    Puff Stitch
  2. Repeat the above instruction for as many half double crochets as are called for in the pattern instructions (in this instance, I am making a three half double crochet puff).
    Puff Stitch
  3. At this point, you will place yarn over hook and pull through all seven loops. The partial half double crochets loops should be even and just slightly loose so the hook will slide easily through all seven loops.
    Puff Stitch
  4. Here is the completed puff. It is shorter in height than either the bobble or popcorn, but it is cushiony soft.
    Puff Stitch

As you can see, much smaller than the bobble or popcorn but still just as fun and dare I say, cute! Here are some of our favorite patterns where the puff stitch is highlighted:

Farmers Market Wrap | Glacial Ice Slouch Hat | Citrus Chic Cowl

What do you think about the puff stitch? Let us know in the comments below!


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