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How to: Double Crochet Decreases

Learn how to double crochet two stitches together


So for double crochet two together, we’re going to take two stitches and turn it into one stitch. That’s what’s going to make our decrease. So we are going to do most of the double crochet stitch on the first one and then move to the second one.

To start yarn over, insert the hook as normal, yarn over, and then draw through a loop so there are three loops on the hook. Then yarn over and draw through two.

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This is where the stitch begins to differ from a typical double crochet stitch. Normally if we were going to finish the stitch, we would yarn over and pull through the last two loops. Instead, we are going to move on to the next stitch.

Yarn over and go into the next stitch, then yarn over and pull through a loop so there are four loops on the hook. Now, yarn over and draw through two, then yarn over and draw through all three loops to finish the stitch.

If you’re ready to try some patterns with decreasing double crochet, check out these three:

Black Bear Cub Crochet Sweater

This adorable sweater pattern uses a double crochet decrease.

Ari C2C Basket

Make an adorable basket using double crochet decreases.

Creature Comfort-ghan

You can make this absolutely adorable animal afghan once you know the double crochet decrease

Have you used this stitch before? What projects have you used it for? Let us know in the comments!


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