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Crochet Gift Guide: 9 Hot Picks

Red leaf

1. “When I heard about the OOAK hooks in designer Tanya Eberhardt’s Etsy shop I knew I had to check them out! I love the unique wooden designs” – Nicola Prybell, Editor

2. “Okay, I’m totally buying several of these mugs for my crochet girls!” – Caitlin Eaton, Editor

3. “I love my Ottlite especially when I work in the evenings. I bought mine on sale at Joann’s Fabrics. I am very happy with this purchase. I wish I had bought it earlier.” – Nazanin Fard, Designer

4. “I am always on the hunt for cute and classy jewelry that highlights my love for crochet. I love that this pendant is subtle and elegant at the same time. It has a nice weight. I absolutely adore it.” – Dana, Crocheter

5. “This pin totally speaks to me and my terrible addiction to yarn. Maybe if I pin it to my wallet it might serve as a reminder to use up some of my stash instead of buying more! Or, maybe I should just embrace my habit…” – Natalie, Crocheter

6. “FurlsCrochet hooks are my pick. Their handles are perfectly designed, no need to pinch it between your fingers, just cradle it in your hand. It will make a crocheter out of even the most precise knitter. For a bit of bling, go for the gold ones.” – Rosann Fleischauer, Designer

7. “Love her colorways!” – Gwen Buttke McGannon, Designer

8. “Glasseyesonline.com makes a wooden insertion tool for safety eyes. It makes putting on even the tightest washers a breeze. It has saved my fingers a million times over!” – Kati Brown, Designer

9. “For a disorganized crocheter (me!) with a need to have a hook that feels like part of my digit- oh, these are so good! There’s something about the roll up case that makes me put the hook back where it belongs, and the stitching experience with these is sublime!” – Michele Maks, Designer


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