Sunflower Themed Crochet Products

Trending now: Sunflowers! These cute tools and accessories for crochet will be a sunny addition to your colleciton.


  1. Fall Blooms Buttons, $3,

  2. Sunflower Project Bag, $25,

  3. Sunflower Bag, $10,

  4. Sunflower Stitch Markers, $10,

  5. Sunflower Crochet Hook, $16.48,

  6. Ergonomic Crochet Hook, $20.60,

  7. Ceramic Yarn Bowl, $29.50,

Sunflower Fields Forever Throw | Sunny Sunflower Door Decor | Here Comes the Sunflower Pillow


  • I don’t like this new layout which seems not very user friendly. I will not be renewing my subscription because I prefer it formatted like a magazine.

    • Nicola P.

      Hi Marie! Sorry to hear that – are you referring to our crochet products pages? The rest of our magazine is formatted pretty much the same so I wanted to hear your feedback. Thank you! – Nicola


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