December 2015: Table of Contents

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ILC December 2015

A Note from the Editor

Don’t you just love the snow? As fall fades into cooler temperatures and the sun bids the sky an early goodnight, I find myself anxiously awaiting winter’s arrival. From as early as I can remember, snow has always mystified me. There’s something so tranquil about watching it fall, urgent and slow all at once in its descent from the sky. When I was little, as soon as the flakes settled into the ground, our household would spring into action: inside, the sound of clipping plastic and rustling fabric as my mom fastened my snow pants and mittens; outside, a quiet world of white waiting for me to explore. Even as an adult, I find myself humbled by the stillness of the season — that sudden silence that greets you when you step outside, the quiet earth asleep underneath a blanket of snow.

It’s like that feeling you get when you gather with family and friends for a holiday meal, that burst of excitement that starts in the belly and travels up your spine. I remember how eager my cousins and I would get gathering in my grandma’s dining room, the table dressed up in red tablecloths and gold-rimmed plates. My family would spend hours talking and laughing over my grandma’s honey-glazed ham, buttered potatoes and mulled wine, but it was never just about the meal – just like it was never just about the presents. The holidays are about spending time with those closest to you. It’s about strengthening relationships and creating memories you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life, no matter where your own personal journey takes you.

It’s this magic of the season that we hoped to capture in this winter issue of I Like Crochet. Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple Christmas gift, like the Berry Cobbler Hat and Mitten Set, or you’re searching for that last-minute addition to your Christmas décor, we have the right pattern to suit your needs. From ornaments to classic winter wearables, this issue has everything to make this winter even more memorable than the last.

P.S. Make sure you don’t miss one of my favorite projects from this issue, the Ski Lodge Pullover. Featuring shades of icy blue and a bold Fair Isle collar, this cozy sweater just begs to be worn by the fire. Pair it with a cup of marshmallow cocoa and your warmest pair of slippers for a winter evening anyone would envy.

Happy crocheting,

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