February 2018: Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor

With a new year comes a chance for reflection. What things did we enjoy? Which areas could we improve? Here at the I Like Crochet headquarters, we need your help making our magazine the very best it can be. At the end of this issue, you’ll find a pattern survey. Once you’ve read through our magazine, we kindly ask that you take a few moments to rate our patterns and let us know your thoughts. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we enter into a new year with new goals and a renewed desire to make sure we make each issue the very best it can be.

As you keep reading, you’ll discover an issue packed with fresh designs that mix bold stitches with eye-catching colors. The New Easy Granny Blanket is my personal favorite! It takes the classic granny motif and combines large and small squares to create a piece that’s one of a kind. We’re also introducing a new mini series called Making it Fit! In this two-part series, designer Mary Beth Temple explains the ins and outs of converting a crochet pattern to be plus size.

Happy New Year,

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I live in a quiet suburb, on the North Shore of Montreal, in the province of Québec, Canada. You know Canada: home to everyone’s polite cousins, where people apologize when bumped into, and are accused of having odd accents (Aboot, anyone? P.S. No one actually says it like that.) You’ve most definitely seen pictures of… Read More 

The Pineapple Tunisian Pillow takes its inspiration from Aran cables, creating an interesting texture with a knit like appearance. The back of the pillow is plain tunisian and the top is closed with a zipper closure for easy cleaning. Need help mastering the tunisian crochet cables featured in this pattern? Check out the step-by-step tutorial on the next page. Read More 

To complete the fabulous Pineapple Tunisian Pillow, you’ll need to master the 6-stitch right cable. This technique, demonstrated in the photos below, will achieve the most stunning “knit” like cables!  6-stitch right cable (C6B) Tks the first 3 sts. Slip these 3 sts on a cable needle, hold to back of work. Tks next 3… Read More 

Nothing is more frustrating in the land of crochet than putting a lot of time, effort and materials into a garment and having it wind up with a poor, unflattering fit. Sometimes it’s because the pattern simply didn’t come already written in the size we need, sometimes it’s because the pattern writer didn’t have the… Read More