June 2020: Table of Contents

Unprecedented times. I’ve read and heard that phrase, as I’m sure you all have, many times these past few months. But what does it really mean? Unprecedented describes something unexampled or unparalleled — something never known before, never experienced.
It’s easy to read that definition and feel fear. I know I do, especially after reading too much of the news. I often feel it just as I’m about to head into the grocery store – face masked, hands gloved and pockets stuffed with Lysol wipes. Each successful trip feels like a triumph and I’ve started timing myself to see how quickly I can be in and out so I can reduce my exposure to other people.

But even in the midst of everything, I can’t help but notice the good things, too. The regular phone calls with friends. Checking in with my parents daily. The extra time I have to do some of the things I love most: cooking, crafting, learning new skills. I know I am not alone in needing new ways to comfort and soothe my soul at the end of each stressful day. That’s why now, perhaps now more than ever, it was crucial to us that we deliver this issue on time, no matter the circumstances.

And so, armed with a mannequin, a camera and her younger sister, I Like Crochet editor, Nicola Prybell, made a trip to an empty strip mall to photograph the projects you see in this issue and we finished building it remotely, at our individual homes. While definitely not the way we usually operate – with our freelance photographer, lifestyle models and access to our office’s prop room and studio – I love how everything turned out!

We both hope you enjoy this issue that’s stuffed with patterns that are calling for warmer weather, from scarves and shawls, to tops and beach bags.

Start by diving into our new modern classics section, featuring the cutest Plaid Poncho you’ve ever seen, and make sure not to miss the stunning cover project: the Sunset Breeze Crescent Lace Shawl. Looking for something to pass the time? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite one-skein patterns that make the perfect stash busters during your time spent at home. Plus, you can’t help but smile when you see the fun, bright patterns featured in our beach section. My personal favorite is the sun hat with the cursive word “happy” crocheted on the side.

We hope this issue helps to inspire, to comfort and to pass the time.

Take care and be well,


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