The Best Crochet Patterns of 2021
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Every year we round up the crochet patterns published in our issues that received the most views on our website to create a collection featuring the fan favorites for all to enjoy. These 25 patterns range in skill level, technique, style and more so we think you’ll find something you like!

*Summer of Crochet*
These patterns were published in our June 2021 issue and have beachy vibes. Crochet was very popular during the summer this year.

*Sweater Weather*
Three sweaters that all highlight different trends, but bold lines is a key takeaway.

*Unique Crochet*
While most of our patterns are unique by nature, these patterns are cleverly constructed to solve a problem and be extremely versatile.

*Blanket Statement*
Crochet blankets are still some of our favorites, and these two patterns feature unique stitches to create gorgeous results.

*Breezy Sweaters*
While we love cozy sweaters, these three feature an openwork design that lets the wearer enjoy crochet during warmer months of the year. We love this trend!

*Breezy Cardis*
Just like their sweater counterparts, these two cardis are made for catching the breeze while looking stylish too.

*Tanks A Lot*
Recently, we’ve seen crochet tank tops hit the retail stores, so you might as well crochet your own! These three tank top patterns were the favorites from this year.

*Favorite Cardigan*
From dusters, to waterfalls, to cropped, these crochet cardigans highlight all the different ways you can crochet and style a cardigan all year long.

*Best Southwest*
Accent your home with these southwest-inspired pieces that will add a bold and earthy statement to any room.


Ivanna is the bold sweater that’s sure to make a statement this season. This almost abstract representation of a chevron fabric with one solid V motif is an eye-catcher, while the unique and clever construction of the front panel is likely to engage both intermediate and expert crocheters alike. Read More 

This quick and super simple, multi-use pocket shawl features two angled pockets with decorative buttons and three invisible fasteners. Use these fasteners to convert the shawl into a capelet for optimal warmth. This pattern uses a simple and reversible stitch pattern for easy crocheting. Although instructions are given for three sizes, you can easily adjust the width and the length as you work to create a custom fit. Read More 

This lacy swoncho with three-quarter length sleeves is the perfect layer to slip over a summer outfit for a little warmth when the evening cools off or the air conditioning is too chilly. The lopsided lace stitch pattern is easy to learn and the increases are simple enough an adventurous beginner can tackle this project. Read More 

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