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Retro Crochet Products

Loving that retro style lately? Us too! We rounded up our favorite crochet products that use the retro colors and fonts that we just can’t get enough of.

  1. Retro Geometric Small Crocheting Project Bag, etsy.com
  2. Yes Girl Buy More Yarn Tote, etsy.com
  3. Ghosts Stitch Markers and Progress Keeper, etsy.com
  4. Yarn Baby Crochet Stickers, etsy.com
  5. All you Crochet is Love Mug, etsy.com
  6. 80s Themed Neon Stitch Markers, etsy.com
  7. Crochet Ampersand Sticker, etsy.com
  8. Retro Project Bag, etsy.com
  9. It’s A Beautiful Day To Crochet Shirt, etsy.com
  10. Just One More Row Crochet Shirt, etsy.com
  11. Crochet All Day Tee, etsy.com
  12. Crochet Hook Set, etsy.com
  13. Crochet Vibes Sticker, etsy.com


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