Make this Dreamy Afghan with Freeform Crochet

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From: The April 2018 issue of I Like Crochet
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Blue skies! That’s what people say when anything is possible and there are no barriers. Can you imagine crocheting with no barriers, creating a design as you go? That’s what freeform crochet is all about, and this Dare to Dream Afghan project helps you make the transition from full pattern to freeform.

There are no rules in freeform crochet. You decide what shape and design you want to make, and you’re free to take your project wherever your creativity takes you. You can use leftover yarn, any combination stitches, multiple techniques and fibers—let your imagination and your hook go wild.

Freeform crochet is, well, freeing. But, all that freedom can be a wee bit intimidating. That’s what is so great about the Dare to Dream Afghan pattern. Designer Quinny Zhang gives you the basic shape, stitches, and diagrams for the sections, allowing you to get the feel of freeform crochet—but still have some guidance. Working up this pattern will give you the confidence to go freeform on your own.

This dreamy design is worked in freely formed circles in two parts, the body and the edge. The circles and yarn color choice combine to emulate the sky and clouds, with rainbows peeking out here and there. More than 70 circles and the mohair yarn give this crochet blanket its texture. As you crochet the circles, you’ll get the feel of freeform and may even start to freestyle as you go. That’s great!

Of course, the resulting Dare to Dream Afghan is simply gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to curl up under it and let their imagination fly? Or, fall asleep as you contemplate rainbows, puffy clouds, and maybe unicorns, too? One thing’s for sure—this magical afghan conjures up only pleasant thoughts.

I Like Crochet gives you everything you need to make the Dare to Dream Afghan a reality:


  • Complete stitch instructions
  • List of necessary materials
  • Pattern notes and abbreviations
  • Five color photos
  • Four downloadable diagrams
  • Finishing instructions

Just imagine how much fun you’ll have crocheting this beautiful blanket. If you’re up for a new challenge, the Dare to Dream Afghan is the best way to learn freeform crochet. Let this project take you over the rainbow, to where blue skies reign and crochet dreams come true!

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