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Aloha Hexagon Throw

Welcome the warmer weather with some tropical crochet. Inspired by flowers on a summer day, this throw will give you year-long summer happiness.

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Finished Blanket 36” and 52” [91.4 and 132 cm]

Gauge: One hexagon measures approx. 5” [13 cm] at widest point



Medium Weight Yarn Rico Creative Cotton (100% Cotton; 93 yards [85 meters]/50 grams): 63 Yellow (Color A, 7 balls), 64 Candy Pink (Color B, 9 balls), 80 White (Color C, 11 balls)

Hooks: US size H/8 (5.0 mm)

Notions: Removable markers; tapestry needle

Special Stitches

Double Crochet Cluster (dc cl): Yo, insert hook in st, yo, pull through st, yo, pull through 2 lps on hook, (yo, insert hook in same st, yo, pull through st, yo, pull through 2 lps on hook) 3 times, yo, pull through all 5 lps on hook, ch 1.


Floral Hexagon Motif (make 94)

With Color A, ch 6 and sl st to first ch to join into a ring.

Rnd 1: Ch 1, 12 sc in circle, sl st to first sc.

Rnd 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc), dc cl, *ch 5, sk next sc, dc cl in next sc; rep from * 4 times, ch 5, sl st to top of dc cl.

Change to Color B.

Rnd 3: Join Color B with sl st to top of dc cl, ch 5 (counts as dc, ch 2), dc in same sp with sl st, *6 dc in next ch 5 sp of previous rnd, (dc, ch 2, dc) in top of dc cl; rep from * 4 times, 6 dc in next ch-5 sp, sl st to 3rd ch from beg ch-5.

Change to Color C.

Rnd 4: Join Color C with sl st in any ch-2 sp of previous rnd, ch 5 (counts as dc, ch 2), dc in same sp with sl st, 1 dc in each on 6 dc in row 3, (dc, ch 2, dc] in each ch-2 sp of previous rnd; rep from * 4 times, 6 dc, sl st to 3rd ch from beg ch-5.

Updated 6/8/2022

Fasten off.


Arrange hexagons following diagram.

Joining Motifs (Join-as-you-go Method)

Join the motifs with Color C.

Start with one completed hexagon. Crochet a second hexagon, up until you are crocheting Rnd 4. At the apex of the petal, (dc, ch 2, dc), work up until you have made 1 dc. Ch 1 st, insert your hook into the apex of the second motif, ch 1, dc in first hexagon (hexagon corner complete), 3 dc, insert hook in the hexagon you are joining to, in between the 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc. Upon reaching the next apex, work dc, ch 1, insert hook into the apex of the second motif, ch 1, dc in hexagon you are joining (apex complete).

When joining a second round of hexagons, you need to follow the previous steps in exactly the same way, until you get to the corner join area. When you reach the corner area, work 1 dc, 1 ch in right hexagon ch-2 sp, dc in left hexagon ch-2

Simple Joining Method

Holding 2 motifs WS together, sc through both layers working through the front loop of the motif held at the back and through the back loop only of the motif in the front.

How to handle the corners when 3 motifs meet.

Join the 3rd motif to the 2nd motif from middle dc to middle dc of next motif, ch 1, join the same dc of the 3rd motif to the next dc of the 1st motif, continuing along that edge to the next corner.

Fasten off. Weave in all remaining ends.yarn ball

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  • Linda A.

    there seems to be an error in directions for row 4. says 6 dc in each dc in row 3. was curling like an octopus arm. upon inspection on photo, seems to be 1 dc in each on 6 in row 3.

    • Nicola P.

      Hello! I’ve reached out to the designer for advice and she or I will reply as soon as possible. Thanks! – Nicola, Editor


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