As Clear As Crochet – Why Is Crochet Better Than Knitting?

In this new series, we’re asking designers all of your most pressing crochet questions. Hear what they have to say and feel free to chime in with your answers too!


  • beateg

    I think crocheting is easier then knitting especially when you make a mistake, When you make a mistake in crochet you pull out your stitches and begin again no big deal, But when you make a mistake in knitting you back knit meaning you undo each stitch in the line, so you unfurl a stitch or unknit a stitch very time consuming

  • Lucy Rae

    I love crochet for all the above reasons but my big one is that a mistake is much easier and quicker to correct. For this reason alone I can say that crochet gives me the pleasure and satisfaction I look for when I tackle a project.

  • I can do both, but I prefer to crochet because when I knit it like I’m a flapping bird. It’s also so much easier to do wherever I go.

  • lucyf3

    Crochet is better because you can get so creative with it. Also, if you need to take it apart a row or two, you don’t risk ruining the whole project by having stitches slip down uncontrollably and then splitting your yarn trying to get them back creating sore-to-the-eye stitches.


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