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Give It All You Dot Makeup Bag

This charming pouch is sure to freshen up your mood while getting ready for the day. Add fun and flair to your accessories with this timeless pattern used to organize your makeup or to store everyday essentials.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: 7” x 4.25” x 2.5”

Gauge: 23 sts and 21 rows = 4” [10 cm] in Tss


Yarn: Bergere de France Coton Fifty (50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic; 153 yards [140 meters]/50 grams): Color Number Color Name 24660 Bengale (MC, 1 balls), 22518 Nougat (CC, 1 ball)

Hook: US size G/6 (4.0 mm) Tunisian hook; US size G/6 (4.0 mm) crochet hook

Notions: Tapestry needle, 8” zipper, fabric for lining the pouch (12” x 12”), fusible interfacing (optional) (12” x 12”), sewing needle, matching thread as color of zipper


beg: beginning

BO: Bind off

CC: Contrast Color

cont: continue

dc: double crochet

MC: Main color

RS: Right side

rep: repeat

sc: Single crochet

sl st: Slip stitch

sk: Skip

Tss: Tunisian simple stitch

sc BO: single crochet bind off

WS: Wrong side

Tss 2 tog: see special terms

Yo: yarn over

Special Stitches

Tss 2 tog – Tss two together. Insert hook in two vertical stitches, yarn over and draw up a loop

Pattern Notes

When picking up loops at start of the first row, always skip first chain and start in the bottom loop of the second chain.

Pouch is worked from bottom to top twice and seamed together.

Maintain proper tension of the floats so that work lays flat and does not pucker.

Changing colors

In the forward pass: Pick up loops with required color as indicated in graph.

In the reverse pass (at the beg of polka dot circle from left to right): Change color to CC when 2 loops of MC are on hook, yo with CC and pull through 2 loops.

At the end of polka dot circle: Change color from CC to MC when 1 loop of CC is left on hook, yo with MC and pull through 2 loops.

Decreasing sts at start of row in the forward pass: Tss 2 tog starting from second st in row.

Decreasing sts at end of row in the forward pass: Tss until 4 loops left on hook, Tss 2 tog, Tss each in the last 2 loops.



With MC, ch 35.

Row 1: Tss in the back loops of ch, starting in second chain from hook. (35 sts)

Row 2: Tss in each st across.

Rows 3-7: Cont as in graph, changing colors as explained in pattern notes.

Refer to instructions on changing colors in the reverse pass.

*Graph goes here*

Row 8:

Making increases at the right side of the work:

Ch 7, pick up sts at back loops of ch starting from second ch from hook. (7 sts inc’d)

Cont to Tss in each st across to end.

Making increases at the left side of the work:

Turn work. With a regular crochet hook of the same size, insert hook into the first st (the last Tss st) from bottom to top of st, yo, pull a loop through, *yo, pull up a loop (first increase made), pull yarn to the back of Tunisian hook); rep from * 6 more times. Place last loop back to Tunisian hook. (7 sts inc’d)

Row 9: Work color changes as indicated in graph.

Row 10: This row will have the first decrease. Follow instructions for decreases as explained in pattern notes.

Rows 11-26: Cont to work in graph, making decreases at every 5th row as explained in pattern notes.

Fasten off.

Pick up 35 sts at bottom of pouch and rep Rows 1-26 in the same manner.

Without breaking yarn, cont to sc in sts around the side and bottom of pouch, break yarn and repeat on other side.


Lightly block piece to recommended size.

Cut fabric and interfacing (optional) for lining the pouch before seaming the sides of the pouch.

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