August 2022: Table of Contents

What is it about the summertime that makes us all feel so giddy with anticipation? Is it the promise of cabin vacations up north? The spontaneous visits to a waterpark? The enjoyment of a cold sundae in a hot parking lot of a favorite local drive-in? For me, it’s even simpler than that. It’s in the finer details — the way warm nights give way to cooler winds. The return of fireflies that light up the fields over our backyard. The way our garden bursts into life with butterflies and bees. It’s all these little experiences and moments that add up to a memorable season.

If you’re a detailed person, too, I think you’re in for a real treat with this issue. This time, it’s all about the details — from tassels, to embroidery, to incredible color combinations. This issue is my favorite one to date. Beginning with our Summer Daze section, you’ll find incredible projects that are perfect for your summer wardrobe, including my personal favorite: the Ainsley Top. Inspired by the beauty and airiness of an open meadow, each element of this top was carefully planned to create an intricate project featuring a wide variety of crochet techniques. From there, discover a brand new bag, an airy shawl and a shawl-collared cardigan boasting a gorgeous sunset motif and decorative embroidery detail on the shoulders.

Are you counting down the days until fall? Get ready for the new season in style with our Romantic Layers section that’s filled with pieces ideal for layering with your current closet staples. Including tons of texture and tassels, my favorite project includes tons of bobbles and playful embroidery. Curious which one I’m talking about? Don’t miss the adorable Marilie Bobble Cardigan.

Happy crocheting!
Caitlin Eaton


Alpenglow is a shawl-collar, open-front cardigan with a sunset motif and decorative embroidery detail. The embroidery is a simple, free-style embellishment that adds a bohemian flair to this piece. The name “Alpenglow” means “the rosy light of the setting or rising sun on high mountains” in German. Read More 

This plaid blanket is made of individual squares which are seamed together using the mattress stitch. The squares are made of herringbone half double crochet - a fun and modern twist on the standard HDC stitch. The design uses worsted weight yarn and is finished with fringe along the short sides. Read More 

Modern lines for your Autumn wardrobe, the Nightingale Vest can be worn in a variety of ways. Crocheted from side to side for easy personalization, this vest is a staple item for your fall adventures. Read More