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Learn how to crochet with these handy tips and step-by-step tutorials.

Russian Joining: A How To

1Russian Join Tutorial 8

The Russian Join is a great method for splicing together yarn. You can use it in the middle of a project to join in new yarn without weaving in ends later, or you can use it to organize your smaller bits of stash yarn to create a “magic yarn ball.” It’s a fairly straightforward process,

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How to Basketweave

1Basketweave Tutorial 5

One of my favorite crochet techniques is the basketweave. It looks complicated, like it took a long time to accomplish, but it really could not be any simpler. It’s so easy that once my students have mastered the basics of crochet, this is often the first “pattern” I set them on. It gives them such

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Getting Rid of Color Woes


Some crocheters enjoy working with a limited color palette and have no interest in exploring different colors while others have an almost paralyzing fear of experimenting with color. If you fall into the latter category, you already know that color has a major impact on the style and mood of your crochet project, but maybe

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How to Carry Up Multiple Colors in Tunisian Crochet

1Tunisian Color 7

Working with color when crafting is universally appealing – just look at the explosion of long color run yarns like Noro and other such brands. My painting experience is instructive in this area: colors come alive and reveal personality only in context with other colors. As on the painting canvas, so too in creating crochet

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Unfinished Objects vs. the Everyday Crocheter


If you’re like most crocheters, you are experiencing a UFO invasion in your home. Are flying saucers or little green men lurking around your yarn stash? No, but there are probably a number of Unfinished Objects (UFOs) lurking with completion seemingly just out of reach. Signs of UFO invasion include half-finished afghans, un-seamed sweaters and

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How to Line a Bag

1Lining a Bag 10

I am the anti-sewer, yet I appreciate the structural and aesthetic value of a well-made and well-placed seam. Additionally, I love to design, make and use bags, many of which benefit from a fabric lining. So, for all of you crafty folks out there that belong to the same anti-sewing camp as me, this quick

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The Gift Giver’s Guide to Graduation Gifts

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If you love crocheting gifts, spring can be a wonderful time of the year as graduation celebrations that take place from May through July allow for many gift-giving opportunities. Here are three tips for successfully jump starting your spring season gifts.

1. Remember the recipient! As a crocheter, you know about all the time, love and

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Know Your Hook


The time has come – the last and final installment of Know Your Hook. We’ve taken you through your crochet hook sizes, starting with the biggest and working our way down. It’s now time for the tiniest of the tiny hooks – the steel hooks. Steel hooks are also known as thread hooks and are

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Crocheting with Wire

Tips and Tutorials

Curious about crocheting with wire? It’s just as easy as working with yarn, but there are a few key differences to consider. This article will cover strategies, tools, and resources you’ll need to get started on your own wire crochet projects.

Selecting the Right Wire

Wire used for crochet must be thin and pliable yet strong enough

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Stitch School: Your Go-To Guide for Broomstick Lace

Tips and Tutorials

Broomstick lace is a distinct crochet technique that uses a large knitting needle or dowel in addition to the usual crochet hook. The knitting needle is used to create uniform large loops of yarn, which are then connected with crochet stitches to create a stable, lacy fabric. There are many variations on this technique, but

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