Gemma Owen

I’m from a small rural farming community in Iowa and learned to crochet granny squares from a neighbor, when I was kid. I set the hook aside to embroider and hand quilt, paint, draw, and write for many years. When I began in trucking, I chose crochet as a stress and boredom reliever. I had to teach myself past the bare basics I’d been taught so many years before. I sold my first two thread designs in 2010 for publication and since have worked almost exclusively with Crochet World, but have been published in Crochet! and Happily Hooked. Thread doilies, runners, and angels are my favorite things to create. I just finished a book for Annie’s due out tentatively Sept of this year entitled  Angels Through The Year. My main goal with thread is always to think outside the box and create totally new eye catching designs to inspire future crocheters to take up the hook.

Projects by Gemma Owen

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