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“Sorry I Was up All Night Hooking” Coffee Mug

Cost: $13.45+

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If you enjoy sitting in your favorite chair with a mug of tea by your side in the wee hours of the night, this mug is for you. If you wake up for work the next day all bleary eyed from your crocheting escapades, then this mug is also for you. Handmade and printed so that it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, this is the cutest mug to add to your collection.

100 Product Tags – 0.5 x 1.75 Inches – laser cut and engraved

Cost: $56.00

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For those of you who make and distribute your crochet projects, these labels could be an indispensable way to showcase your brand. The smooth wood is simple and would work with any type of project, while the crisp and modern cut makes it very eye-catching. Even if you only crochet to give instead of sell, these make an already special gift even more personal—just think of how touching it would be to work up a bag or wallet that also has an attractive badge with someone’s name on it. This set includes 100 labels, and your message will be etched by laser onto maple, cherry, or walnut wood.

13 Must-Have Gifts For Every Crocheter

1. Daily Fiber Mug $19.95   2. Yarn Leggings $44.95   3. Hurray for Wool Printable $5.00   4. Yarn Ball Earrings $19.00   5. Crochet Tee $22.99   6. Crochet Hook Earrings $30.00   7. I’d Rather Be Crocheting Mug $14.63   8. Deck the Halls Card $3.99   9. Crochet is My Happy Place Printable $5.00   10. Ceramic Chubby Cat Yarn Bowl $53.94   11. Crochet and be Kind Project Bag $18.55   12. Crochet and Yarn Enamel Pin $9  13. Treble Maker Pin $9.31

2-in-1 Yarn Tote

Cost: $11.99 per bag.

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Yarn totes are like skeins of yarn – you can always have more, especially if you crochet or travel a lot. The 2-in-1 Yarn Tote from Lion Brand is, as the name suggests, two bags in one. First, there’s the smaller and removable zippered pouch made for your yarn.  It features two grommets to let you feed your yarn through and avoid tangles. Second, there’s the large and clear tote bag that holds not only the smaller, zippered yarn pouch but also so much more! Use it to carry your current projects and some extra hooks and pattern books, plus your daily necessities. It comes in four colors and has straps long enough to throw over your shoulder.

36pc / 38pc Crochet Kit – Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set with Accessories

Cost: $25.99

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This is not an ordinary crochet kit. Let’s put that out there right now. This crochet bundle is perfect for both beginners and experienced crocheters. It is packed full of every tool you might need for your crochet projects. From ergonomic crochet hooks, stitching markers, darning needles, stitch counters, and a stylish case to hold it all together, this kit has it all!

6 Easter Stitch Markers

Cost: $9.00

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Hop into spring with these adorable bunny stitch markers! Stitch markers are incredibly handy and will add even more spunky personality to your crafting time. Don’t worry, these can be tailored for crochet by ordering them with lobster clasps to fit your needs. Grab these and embrace the new season when you work on your next pattern!

Adjustable Mini-Blocker for Granny and Afghan Squares

Cost: $24.00

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Block those squares! Made in Red Oak or Poplar Hardwood and paired with steel pins, this blocking board has three size options. Complete with felt-covered holes to prevent any pins from falling out, the board is also coated in polyurethane to prevent potential water damage. If you’re an avid granny square crocheter, you’ll love how much this board can do!

Adult Wooden Sock Blockers

Cost: $24.60+

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We know what you’ve been working on this season—socks, of course! It’s the quintessential winter project to keep your toes warm during chilly, snowy days. If you’re dreading the final shaping or just want to make sure it turns out perfectly, this blocker will make your work so much easier. They come in sizes extra small (Ladies’ 5) all the way up to extra large (men’s 11-13) and are coated in polyurethane for a smooth surface. They can even be personalized with logos or words.

Ambrosia Maple Lazy Susan Yarn Holder

Cost: $35.00 +

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Lazy Susans aren’t just for spice racks. When brought into the world of crochet, they become a convenient and simple way to make sure your yarn unwinds smoothly. Say goodbye to tugging on your yarn to get it to unwind or waging war on the inevitable tangles of a loose skein, and say hello to this painless method. The lazy Susan works so flawlessly thanks to its bearing set design, and it is made from maple which has been naturally streaked by the ambrosia beetle (don’t worry, beetles are not included when you buy).

Amour Crochet Hook

Cost: $8.95-$11.95 per hook.

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Amour Crochet Hooks, available from Closer USA, have specially formed rubber handles that make for comfortable and stress-free crochet. These hooks are soft and easy to grip and come in many different colors so you can easily identify sizes. These hooks are sold separately, so it’s easy to get an entire set or just the size that you use the most.