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Gleener: The Ultimate Fuzz Remover

Cost: $19.99 each

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You’ve made your own sweater, but now you’re face-to-face with a new battle: pilling. Anyone who’s taken the plunge into garment making with non-synthetic yarn understands the trouble these mini balls of fiber can cause. Thankfully, Gleener: The Ultimate Fuzz Remover was designed specifically for fuzz and pill removal – all without damaging the delicate fabric of handmade designs.  Depending on the size of the pills, the Gleener has an attachment that’s appropriate for easy removal. Simply lay the garment on the ground, select the correct attachment and brush until the garment’s surface is smooth.

Knit Collage – Candy Cane yarn

Cost: $44 per 30-yard skein

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For crocheters seeking a yarn that’s truly unique, look no further than the handspun skeins from Knit Collage yarn. Each colorful, 30-yard skein is made using two strands of yarn that are spun separately and then twisted together, all by hand. While time consuming, the end result is a mix of vibrant colors and textures. To crochet a one-of-a-kind project, don’t miss this extraordinary yarn.

Milk + Honey Lotion Bars

Cost: $11-$12 per tin

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From washing dishes to daily crocheting, our hands take quite the beating during our day-to-day routine. Frequent exposure to water and chemicals found in soaps gradually robs our skin of its moisture, resulting in skin that’s cracked and dry. Thanks to products like Milk + Honey Lotion Bars, keeping skin moisturized has never been simpler. Made with soothing beeswax and Calendula flowers, Milk + Honey Lotion Bars are a solid, all-natural (and less greasy) alternative to lotion. Just open the tin and gently rub the bar over the dry area of skin. The heat from your body naturally melts the oils, allowing your skin to absorb the product as fast as possible. Bars come in a variety of scents including citrus, lavender, lemongrass and unscented.

Unicorn Fibre Products

Cost: $10.95 for 16 oz. Fiber Rinse; $13.75 for 16 oz. Fiber Wash

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Clean your handmade garments while also preserving them. Created to protect a variety of fibers from delicate cashmere to raw fleece, Unicorn Fibre Rinse and Wash products are the cleaning solution yarn enthusiasts have been searching for. Made with no phosphates, enzymes or fillers, this earth friendly solution is available in variety of sizes, including 4 oz. and 16 oz. bottles, and gallon-sized jugs. And because the wash doesn’t require high temperatures to remove dirt and grime, this means you’ll save energy (and money) every time you wash.