Product Picks

Go Crafty Travel Case

Cost: $99.00

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Say goodbye to digging in the bottom of your project bag. Fully lined and reinforced, the case stands up on its own so your tools stay neat and organized. Transparent zipper pockets on the outside allow you to see which tools are stored where easily without opening every part of the bag. And with 40 smaller interior pockets, you’ll be set to carry all your hooks with you and more!

PROP-IT Magnetic Pattern Holder W/Magnifier

Cost: $27.45

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Originally meant to hold needlework patterns, the PROP-IT makes an excellent pattern holder for crocheters as well. Holding patterns at the proper angle means no more cricks in your neck no matter the pattern format (leaflets, books, magazine etc.). The magnetic strips keep the pattern in place and can help you keep YOUR place in a pattern. Save time and keep your pattern in order to make your crocheting a breeze.

Resinwood Crochet Hooks

Cost: $13.00+

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These stunning hooks are hand spiraled and made with a low-density resinwood. Each one is slightly different, but all are extremely comfortable to use,  as their thick handles help to eliminate hand pain while crocheting. If your goal is comfortable crocheting with a side of style, these hooks are for you.

Square Gauge/Swatch Ruler Tool

Cost: $8.00+

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Measure your gauge easily with this useful ruler made just for you. All you have to do is hold the tool up to your work and count the stitches that fit inside the cut-out square. It’s that simple! Including both inches and centimeters, no matter which metric you’re used to, you’ll be able to calculate your gauge quickly. Available in three sizes, this is a must-have tool for your crochet collection.