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Confetti Progress Keeper

Cost: $6.50

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This will immediately become your favorite stitch marker! We love all things cute and simple, these Confetti Progress Keepers are just that. You will enjoy your crocheting even more with the most adorable progress keepers. These little glass globes are filled with confetti, helping you find your place each and every time you return to your projects.

Giant Crochet Hooks

Cost: Starting at $13.58

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Ready for the comfiest, chunkiest projects ever? These Giant Crochet Hooks are the best way to achieve the ultimate level of big and comfy! Each crochet hook has been carefully designed by the Wool Couture Company team with you in mind. A pair of Giant Crochet Hooks is a lot easier to master than one may think. You will notice a huge difference in crocheting with giant hooks with bulky yarn! These Giant Crochet Hooks come in various sizes: 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, and a whopping 50 mm. Treat yourself and crochet some of the largest, most comfortable projects yet.

Made With Love Label

Cost: $12.00

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Finish off your crochet projects with a simply beautiful “Handmade with Love” label from Ananemone. These little 1’’ fabric squares are the sweetest touch to add to your crocheted creations. The floral graphic and “handmade with love” elegant script really adds a small, but meaningful touch. Each order includes 37 fabric squares that are printed on 100% organic cotton that is machine washable. Even better, these labels will not unravel, fade, and will stay on indefinitely.

Natural Linen Yarn

Cost: $18.17

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This Natural Linen Yarn is light weight and the colors are pure and simple. This handmade yarn is wet spun and perfect for your own handmade creations. It handles beautifully and is great to use for your lighter crochet projects. Rather than heavy, fluffy wool, natural linen yarn has a lighter feel and cleaner look. Achieve a look that is simply unique, drapes wonderfully, and feels wonderful on the skin. There is something quite special about linen yarn.