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Amour Crochet Hook

Cost: $8.95-$11.95 per hook.

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Amour Crochet Hooks, available from Closer USA, have specially formed rubber handles that make for comfortable and stress-free crochet. These hooks are soft and easy to grip and come in many different colors so you can easily identify sizes. These hooks are sold separately, so it’s easy to get an entire set or just the size that you use the most.

Beginner Blanket Kit – Sophistication

Cost: $159.87 per kit.

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Project kits are all the rage, and this blanket kit is sure to be a hit this winter. For one price, this kit contains everything you need to crochet your own blanket, all in the colors specified in the photo. You’ll get the crochet and knit beginner blanket pattern as well as all the skeins of yarn you’ll need for this blanket, plus a tote bag to keep all your yarn organized. The provided crochet pattern is a beginner one, so this project kit is perfect for novices as well as for experienced crocheters who like the ease of having all their supplied curated for them.

Pawley Studios Phrase Mugs

Cost: $24.00 per mug.

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Show off your love of yarn everywhere you go with this Pawley Studios mug. Hand-thrown and glazed, these mugs are ideal for everyday use and even make great gifts for a loved one. The mug measures about 4.75” tall and is about 3.5” wide at the opening. Choose from any one of five different mugs for any crocheter or yarn-a-holic in your life.

Sterling Silver Shawl Pin

Cost: $67.50 per pin.

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When shawls need help staying in place, shawl pins come to the rescue. They help pin the shawl in place as you’ve styled it, and they also act as an additional glitzy accessory. Thorina’s Simple Silver Hammered Shawl Pin Set features a hand-hammered pin set that looks beautiful worn on its own or clasping a lacy shawl together. Get a simple one to wear with all of your pieces, or get multiple ones for some variety in your collection.