Product Picks

Adult Wooden Sock Blockers

Cost: $24.60+

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We know what you’ve been working on this season—socks, of course! It’s the quintessential winter project to keep your toes warm during chilly, snowy days. If you’re dreading the final shaping or just want to make sure it turns out perfectly, this blocker will make your work so much easier. They come in sizes extra small (Ladies’ 5) all the way up to extra large (men’s 11-13) and are coated in polyurethane for a smooth surface. They can even be personalized with logos or words.

Bordeaux* Gradient Hand-dyed Merino Yarn

Cost: $18.40+

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This time of year calls for rich, warm colors that will make your crochet patterns come to life, which is exactly what the luxurious hues of this fingering weight yarn will do. Hand-painted, this yarn would add elegance to any design, especially an item for your winter wardrobe. And of course, who can resist a pink and maroon gradient so close to Valentine’s Day? Be sure to test out these love-ly colors on one of our February projects.

Double Yarn Susan

Cost: $35.00

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Some of the most beautiful projects come from patterns that require crocheting with two strands at once or changing color frequently, but that can quickly turn into a major headache when you have double the skeins of yarn rolling around. This Lazy Susan is an ingenious way to keep from getting tangled up. It unwinds your yarn smoothly and looks beautiful while doing so—as a matter of fact, it’s handmade from maple wood with a honey-tinted finish.

Finger-Fitting Digital Row Counter

Cost: $3.83

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Like a stopwatch attached to your crocheting fingers, this handy device helps you keep track of your rows hassle-free. You press the large center button once you reach the end of a row, and the device will add it to your tally—it really is that simple. Some projects are too big to try to keep track of in your head, especially since distractions are bound to pop up (it seems like kids and pets have a knack for running in right when you’re counting). This easy flick of your thumb is a convenient alternative to having to free up a hand to write a number down. Now, you can just relax and enjoy the process.