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Ambrosia Maple Lazy Susan Yarn Holder

Cost: $35.00 +

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Lazy Susans aren’t just for spice racks. When brought into the world of crochet, they become a convenient and simple way to make sure your yarn unwinds smoothly. Say goodbye to tugging on your yarn to get it to unwind or waging war on the inevitable tangles of a loose skein, and say hello to this painless method. The lazy Susan works so flawlessly thanks to its bearing set design, and it is made from maple which has been naturally streaked by the ambrosia beetle (don’t worry, beetles are not included when you buy).

Ceramic Winter White Yarn Bowl

Cost: $48

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This ceramic yarn bowl with its stunning white glaze is a handcrafted masterpiece. With leaf imprints around the body and the intricate spiral for your yarn, this bowl will not be something to stash away when you’re done working. It will fit in elegantly with any style of home décor, and the handle makes it so easy to transport whenever you need to move to a new crochet spot.

Flower Crochet Stitch Markers

Cost: $12.24

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On your mark, get set, go! It will definitely be a race to scoop up these crochet stitch markers, which make keeping track of your rounds both easy and beautiful. Made with polymer clay, multicolored beads, and a silver clasp for ease of maneuvering while you work, these markers are the perfect way to keep every aspect of your crochet project fun. Plus, you can organize each part of your pattern with a differently colored flower.

Indian Mandala Tapestry Yarn Tote

Cost: $53

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Even on those days when you have to be in twenty places at once, you can still get your crochet fix in. This tote bag slips on over your wrist while you stash your yarn inside so that you can carry this with you wherever you go. Made from Mandala Tapestry cotton fabric, it isn’t weighed down with pockets and zippers, so you can effortlessly and stylishly work in waiting rooms, vehicles, parks, and more.