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Crochet Notions Zipper Pouch

Cost: $8.50

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We all need a safe and portable place to keep our favorite crochet hooks and stitch markers. Why not advertise our expertise at the same time? Now you can with this awesome zipper pouch decorated with a golden hook and a boastful (but accurate) phrase. These make great gifts for fellow crocheters as they’re practical and come in two colors: off white and black.

Halloween Stitch Markers

Cost: $8.57

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Halloween is coming up fast, so you finally have an excuse to buy all your favorite Halloween-themed crocheting supplies. These spooky little stitch markers are silver plated and shaped like some of your favorite Halloween motifs: including a witch, pumpkin, ghost, bat, cat and Frankenstein’s monster. You can choose from several clip types, be they tiny loops or lobster claw clasps, to fit any crochet costume you happen to be working on.

Hook Fast Die Warm Crocheting Unisex Shirt

Cost: $19.99

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You’re going to need something to keep you warm before you finish that nice crochet scarf. An edgy, crochet-themed shirt is just what the doctor ordered! This unisex t-shirt is not only super edgy and punk rock, but it’s really comfortable, too.  It’s made from 100 percent cotton and if you’re not a huge fan of t-shirts, they have long-sleeved tees, hoodies and tank tops to choose from.

Magic Wand Crochet Hooks

Cost: $4.20+

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Crochet is magic. Anybody with hooks, yarn and some time will tell you that. Now you can fully embrace the magic of the craft with these magic wand-styled crochet hooks. These hooks are wonderfully unique and cheap to purchase. Not only that, the aerodynamic style of the wands can help you keep your grip on those tricky aluminum hooks. These are great gifts for younger kids wanting to give crochet a try for themselves or for your one crochet friend who is equally as obsessed with Harry Potter as you are.