Crochet Stitches

From easy to advanced, these free crochet stitches are a great way to practice and expand your crochet skills. Included are written tutorials, photo tutorials and crochet video tutorials to help you learn in the best way possible.

Criss Cross Crochet Shell Stitch Photo Tutorial

Many crochet patterns are worked from one side to another and either upward (increasing rows) or outward (increasing rounds), but it is possible to add some variety into your stitch repertoire with the cross stitch. Learn how to insert an x-shaped cross stitch seamlessly into your work with this easy to follow tutorial.

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Back Post Treble Crochet Tutorial (bptr)

Use these stitches to create a nice and open ribbing that’s great for scarves and anything that needs a little texture. Just like single and double post stitches, you’ll be working in the front and the back of the posts of treble crochet stitches. The result is absolutely amazing!

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Crochet Crossed Cable Stitches

Crossed cables appear very frequently in knitting, but luckily there is a way to replicate the stitches and have them appear in your crochet work. All you’ll need for this technique is a very flexible yarn, since you’ll be moving it to get under and around stitches, knowledge of the front post and back post

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Loopy Linked Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial

The Loopy Linked Double Crochet is actually a variation of the linked double crochet stitch, and it’s something that came about because I was actually working the original stitch incorrectly! Keep reading to see how to purposefully replicate this stitch, and if you’re still a little unsure, be sure to watch our video tutorial at the end of this written one.

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Catherine’s Wheel Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The Catherine’s Wheel Stitch is a classic stitch every dedicated crocheter should have in their arsenal. It is a little bit of a more difficult stitch but if you take your time and follow our step-by-step guide, you’ll be a master at it in no time!

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