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100 Little Crochet Gifts to Make (100 to Make)

If you’re hoping to craft your own homemade gifts this year, but are in need of some inspiration, then look no further. 100 Little Crochet Gifts to Make is chock full of a wide-range of crochet gifts and ideas. Whether you’re making a birthday present for your best friend, or trying to get ahead on that never-ending Christmas list, this book is perfect for you. Each project is explained in detail and is easy enough for even beginning crocheters to master.

Paperback, 240Pages, $13.22, 978-1782213338

Freeform Crochet with Confidence: Unlock the Secrets of Freeform Crochet with 30 Fun Projects

It’s time to break free of rigid patterns and following step-by-step instructions. Freeform Crochet with Confidence is a creative guide that will teach crocheters the basics of freeform crochet. Readers will learn the five foundations of freeform crochet and will begin to experience creating their own patterns. This book also includes 30 gorgeous projects that readers can use to test their skill level and creativity with freeform crochet.

Paperback, 144Pages, $18.99, 978-1438007007

Melissa Leapman’s Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters

No one knows their stitches like Melissa Leapman. That’s why her book, Melissa Leapman’s Indispensible Stitch Collection for Crocheters, is a collection that every passionate crocheter should have on their bookshelves! This collection of 300 crochet stitch patterns has projects of varying skill level, and is designed to encourage crocheters to learn as they go, slowly building up the skill-level needed to complete the next, slightly more challenging pattern. This stitch collection is not only fun, it will help readers to grow as more talented and confident crocheters.

Paperback, 176Pages, $16.76, 978-1589239296

Military Tartan Throws

Take your talent for crochet and use it to show your support. The six throws featured in this Military Tartan Throws collection use colors that represent a different branch of the United States military. Among those featured are the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and West Point. Each of the throws in this book uses the technique of Woven Crochet and employs the use of two specific types of stitches; chain and double crochet. With the mastery of these simple crochet skills, you will be able to create beautiful tartan throws that express your support and love for those friends and family members who have devoted their lives to serve and protect.

Paperback, 28Pages, $8.99, 978-1590125762