Hooked on Reading

Crochet with Jersey Yarn

Jersey yarn is incredibly comfortable and easy to work with! Crochet with Jersey Yarn includes 20 beautiful projects that are colorful, bold, and inspiring. The original patterns included in this book are for all skill levels and utilize eco-friendly materials. Learn to create rugs, baskets, cushions, and so much more using jersey yarn!

Paperback, 128Pages, $21.95, 978-6059192293

Edward’s Crochet Doll Emporium: Flip the Pages to Make Over a Million Mix-and-Match Dolls

Crochet the dolls of your dreams with Edward’s Crochet Doll Emporium. With over a million opportunities to mix-and-match doll designs, your imagination can truly run wild. This book makes it quite easy to build your own doll with everything you want from the hairstyle, outfit, and accessories. Interested in creating your friends in doll form? Learn how with the easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful pictures included! Whether you are making a doll to resemble your wonderful self or crocheting a doctor or ballerina for your little ones, you will love what this book has to offer.

Hardcover, 96Pages, $24.70, 978-1911595052

Lalylala’s Beetles Bugs and Butterflies: A Crochet Story of Tiny Creatures and Big Dreams

Feel like a child again with Lalylala’s Beetles Bugs and Butterflies! Bring beautiful little critters to life with crochet and be utterly amazed by your adorable creations. This book is quite interesting as it brings to life the story of a caterpillar turning into a bright and beautiful butterfly. Including amigurumi crochet patterns, this book will help you create your very own little critter friends.

Hardcover, 128Pages, $22.49, 978-1446306666

Learn Tapestry Crochet

Work color beautifully into your crochet projects with Learn Tapestry Crochet. With step-by-step photos and basic instructions, you will learn how to carry and wrap yarn and change colors. There are 7 projects included for beginners, meaning anyone can create beautiful tapestry with crochet! From scarves and hats to slippers and bags, this how-to book will teach you some of the best crochet.

Paperback, 36Pages, $9.99, 978-1590128756