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Adored I-Cord Bracelets

These quick and stylish bracelets are perfect for using up yarn scraps and showing off pretty buttons. Ideal for last-minute gifts (you can whip up a pair in just an hour), these are the modern friendship bracelets your friends will be asking for all summer.

Time: 1 Hour Pattern (Make several in an hour!)

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Customize to fit any size wrist.

Gauge: Gauge not important


Medium weight yarn Berroco Comfort (50% nylon, 50% acrylic; 210 yards [195 meters]/100 g): #9743 goldenrod (20 yards)

Medium weight yarn

Universal Yarn Yashi Iro (100% raffia; 124 yards [113 meters]/50 grams): #204 sea life (20 yards)

Fine weight yarn

Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Size 3 (100% cotton crochet thread; 150 yards [137 meters]/50 grams): # 310 coppermist (20 yards)

Hook: US size F/5 (3.75 mm) crochet hook

Notions: Buttons from https://www.ascuteasabutton.com/: #DILL 370197 1 3/8” gold button (worsted weight yarn bracelet); #DILL 370548 1″ (raffia bracelet); #DILL 370184 1″ (size 3 cotton thread bracelet); tapestry needle, safety pin

Pattern Notes

Weave in ends as work progresses.


Worsted Weight Bracelets

Row 1:  Leaving a 6″ beg tail of desired yarn, raffia or crochet thread, ch 3, insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, yo, pull up lp, insert hook in next ch, yo, pull up lp, (3 lps on hook), *with thumb and index finger of left hand, remove first 2 lps closest to end of hook and hold firmly to secure, yo, pull through rem lp on hook, [insert hook through next lp held in left hand, yo, pull up lp] twice.

Next Rows: Rep from * across until stretched piece when doubled will fit around wrist. Gently pull on cord and roll between fingers as work progresses to create uniform I-Cord sts. At end of last row when desired length is achieved, pull first lp closest to end of hook through rem 2 lps on hook, yo, pull through last lp on hook to fasten off. Cut yarn leaving a 9″ tail.


  1. Place bracelet on a flat surface, bring ends together to form a circle, being careful to not twist tube strands. Thread beg tail through tapestry needle, insert needle through opposite end of bracelet, knot tails tightly on WS to secure. Make 2-3 whip stitches through ends to seam together. Cut away one tail.
  2. Press both I-cord strands of bracelet together to create a 1-1 ¼″ loop extension just above seam. Thread rem tail through needle and use to sew both strands together at seam and sew #DILL 370197 1 3/8” gold button to worsted weight bracelet; #DILL 370548 to raffia bracelet; #DILL 370184 to cotton thread bracelet, or desired button over top of seam.
  3. Insert needle through both strands 1/4” away from left side edge of button, *wrap yarn around bracelet strands 6-8 times (wrap accent made), bring ends to WS and knot securely, trim away excess.**
  4.  Place bracelet over wrist having button at top center of wrist, insert opposite end of bracelet through button loop extension and over button, place a safety pin through both strands of bracelet 1/4” away of loop extension edge. Remove bracelet from wrist, insert needle in marked spot and rep from * to ** of step 3 to create wrap accent.

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