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Since its start in the summer of 2014, I Like Crochet has worked hard to find incredible patterns from top designers to make each issue the best it can be. Stay on top of crochet fashion trends and discover a world filled with thrilling patterns, crochet tips and tricks, simple-to-follow tutorials and more. Each issue comes packed with handpicked crochet designs that are just waiting for your crochet hooks! Plus, with crochet videos and tutorials for crochet stitches, there are lots of ways to expand your skills and learn how to crochet in new ways. Each pattern is tech edited and tested and if you have any questions about a design, leave a comment and the designer or tech editor will be happy to assist you. I Like Crochet believes strongly in building up a community of talented designers and readers of all skill levels. We hope you join us today to start building up your library of crochet afghan patterns, crochet scarf patterns, crochet sweater patterns and more, all available on your desktop with an active club membership. What are you waiting for? Take the next step and join our crochet community of talented readers who live to learn new techniques and love to crochet. As we say at the I Like Crochet headquarters: Live. Love. Crochet.