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Valentine’s Day Themed Crochet Products

Feel the crochet love with these adorable Valentine’s Day themed crochet products!

  1. Yarn is My Love Language Print, etsy.com
  2. Faux Leather Tag, etsy.com
  3. Valentine Ergonomic Hooks, etsy.com
  4. Custom Metal Crochet Wall Art Monogram, etsy.com
  5. Purple and Red Ceramic Yarn Bowl, etsy.com
  6. Heart Yarn Hook Mug, etsy.com
  7. Walnut Product Tags, etsy.com
  8. Yarn Heart Enamel Pins, etsy.com
  9. Natural Wooden Basket Bottoms, etsy.com
  10. Crocheter Sticker, etsy.com
  11. Ceramic Yarn Pins, etsy.com
  12. Painted Hearts Ceramic Yarn Bowl, etsy.com
  13. I Love Crochet Sticker, etsy.com
  14. Handmade Yarn Bowl, etsy.com
  15. Love Crochet Mug, etsy.com
  16. Ceramic Yarn Bowl, etsy.com
  17. Yarn Heart Tattoo Print, etsy.com


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