Janine Mudge

Janine is the designer and tech editor behind Capital Crochet.  Working from her extensive yarn collection just outside of Ottawa, Canada, she has been designing crochet and Tunisian crochet patterns since 2016.  She enjoys the challenge of creating patterns that are easy enough for beginners, but that keep even the most seasoned yarnies engaged.  She focuses on size-inclusive garments and free patterns on her blog.  In between projects, she enjoys listening to vinyl records, keeping up her fitness and trying to improve her knitting skills.





Projects by Janine Mudge

Leighton Patchwork Scarf

The Leighton Patchwork Scarf is the Tunisian crochet sampler scarf of your dreams. Inspired by the shift in seasons, this pattern is written in self-contained sections that can be rearranged to suit your preference. The customizable pattern combines a balance of textures and colorwork to create a bold and romantic statement scarf. The name “Leighton” means “meadow town” and we can’t help but think that this scarf resembles an aerial view of meadows and fields in the countryside.

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