Sarah Jane Jackson

Sarah Jane works from her home in Brisbane Australia which means that most of the time it is really too hot for crochet. Despite that she loves to work with fibre and see what can be created from just one hook and some string. She has 8 children (7 at home), and this makes crocheting essential to her sanity. When not crocheting she is wrangling the kids and trying to keep up with the washing.

Sarah Jane can be found mainly on Facebook, Pinterest and Ravelry.

Projects by Sarah Jane Jackson

Fantastic Plum Colorwork Set

The Fantastic Plum Colorwork Set features a slouchy hat topped off with a pom pom, a striking cowl and fingerless gloves closed with fancy buttons. Each piece features a complicated-looking colorwork band that’s easier to make than you’d think that sets this set apart from anything else you’ll see this season.

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Heathered Coral Cowl and Wrap Set

The Heathered Coral Set features a warm and cozy wrap that can also be worn as a shrug and an equally cozy cowl. Both pieces feature a chunky cable design and popcorn stitches as well as decorative buttons. Worn together or separately, these pieces make excellent additions to your winter wardrobe.

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Denim Dreams Tote

Inspired by the sun and the sea, this bag is perfect for summer. The Denim Dreams Tote boasts a textured design made of a distinct cable detail and lacy fans. It’s fully lined and incredibly roomy to hold everything you need for each summer day.

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Sky Blue Shawlette

This simple shawlette features puff stitches and fans radiating out from the neck edge to create texture and interest. It’s perfect for keeping your shoulders warm on a chilly spring evening.

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