Silke Terhorst

I’m a crochet designer and blogger from Germany. My specialties are shawls in various forms and sizes. My crochet designs – and my demands on them – are based on the slogan “simply (&) special”. This means: My designs should be something special, stand out from the crowd of instructions, have recognition value and appear harmonious. But my designs should also be simple. Not in the sense of simple, but in the sense of easy to crochet.

I try to avoid complicated or difficult-to-work stitches as much as possible. I hate complex counting patterns that require great concentration. My goal is to make special cloths using the simplest possible means - and of course to enable you to rework them. So my designs are simple (&) special.






Projects by Silke Terhorst

Lemon Buttercup Shawl

This shawl is the ideal companion for cold days in early spring. It is worked in a soft and warm alpaca yarn and has a rather dense – but not stiff – fabric. It impresses with two stripes in a warm yellow tone which are embedded in a mesh of the main color.

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Dew Drops Shawl

Eyelet rows and a lacy pattern of puff stitches come together in this beautifully detailed shawl. It is so light and soft you hardly notice wearing it, but even so it lends a bit of extra warmth for chillier summer nights.

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Morning Glory Shawl

With the ombré impact of a morning glory flower, this breathtaking blue shawl is the perfect accessory for watching the sunrise, especially before the warmth of the day has time to arrive. Its charm comes from its half octagon shape, wavy edges, and elements of lace.

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