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Harper Headband

This sweet baby bow headband is the perfect accessory for the little princess in your life. Use it a newborn photo prop, or to dress up her favorite outfit! The pattern is easily adjustable in order to fit multiple head sizes.

Skill Level: Easy

Size: This pattern can be adjusted to fit any head size, simply by making longer chain ties to tie onto head.


25 sts = 4” [10 cm]

Gauge is not important as you can adjust this pattern easily to fit, but might affect amount of yarn needed.


Light weight yarnYarn: Nurturing Fibres Eco-Fusion (50% Bamboo Viscose, 50% Cotton; 137 yards [125 meters]/50 grams) Blush (1 skein)

Hook: US size E/4 (3.5 mm), US size G/6 (4 mm)

Notions: Sewing pins with coloured heads, stitch markers, tapestry needle, scissors

Special Stitches

Marguerite (or Star) Stitch

Initial Marguerite St

Insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, pull up a lp, insert hook in 3rd ch from hook, pull up a lp, insert hook under both front and back lps of first fsc st, pull up a lp, then do the same in 2nd fsc st and 3rd fsc st (6 lps on hook). Pull these last 2 lps up a little more than the others so that you have room to work back into them. Yo, pull through all 6 lps, ch 1 fairly loosely to finish the st.

Subsequent Marguerite Sts

Insert hook into ch 1 just made, pull up a lp, then insert hook under both strands on the side of the last spoke made in the previous st, pull up a lp, insert hook into the same st the last lps of the previous st was worked into and pull up a lp, insert hook into the next fsc st and pull up a lp, insert hook into next fsc, pull up a lp, (pulling these final 2 lps up a little more than the others so you have room to work back into them (6 lps on hook), yo, pull through all 6 lps, ch 1 fairly loosely to finish.

Pattern Notes

The fsc row is critical to ensuring you have a little bounce and stretch in your headband. Take your time to create even stitches and you will be happy that you did. It is suggested that you go up one hook size for the fsc portion of the pattern only.

Safety warning: Babies should only wear the headband while supervised and never be put into bed whilst wearing one as it could be a strangulation hazard.


First Chain Tie

With smaller hook, tightly ch 55 (you will not be working into these ch sts).


Row 1: Change to larger hook, fsc 85, turn. (85 fsc)

Row 2: Change to smaller hook, ch 3, Initial Marguerite St, beginning in 2nd ch from hook, cont with Subsequent Marguerite Sts to end of row. At the end of row, sc in same st as last spoke of final marguerite st, turn. (42 marguerite sts)

Row 3: Ch 1, pm in this ch st, *2 sc in central ‘eye’ of Marguerite St, sk 1 st; rep from * to end of row, sl st in first bars of first st, turn (84 sc)

Row 4: Ch 1, sk 2 st, hdc in each st until 2 sts before end of row, ch 1, sl st in marked ch st of Row 3. Fasten off. (84 hdc)

Second Chain Tie

Attach yarn with a sl st to eye of Marguerite St (on the end without a chain tie), ch 55. Fasten off, double knot the end of both ties and trim ends close to the knot.

Use these 2 ch lengths to tie the headband into position on baby’s head.


To make bow, place pins of the main colour (yellow in photos) through central eye of each of the 11th & 20th Marguerite Sts.

Place a pin of the contrasting colour (purple in photos) in each of the 14th and 23rd Marguerite Sts.

With RS facing you, fold the Headband back on the yellow pins and forward on the purple pins (see photos below) so that Bow will end up in the correct position.

Cut a 27.5” / [70 cm] length of yarn and thread onto tapestry needle, knotting end.

Wrap yarn around the centre of Bow and around each side of Bow securely.

Sew a few sts through both sides of Bow to keep it held together, removing pins.

Cont wrapping yarn around centre until you’re happy with the look.

Weave end in on the reverse side.


Weave in any rem ends.

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