Crochet Flowers Step-by-Step: Delightful Blooms for Beginners

Crochet flowers are so versatile that they have become a favorite among crocheters everywhere. Tanya Shliazhko’s Crochet Flowers Step-by-Step: Delightful Blooms for Beginners, has fifty beginner flower patterns to follow along with. Taking you step-by-step through each pattern, this book is perfect for a beginner but has patterns that anyone will love. Add these flowers to pins, hats, towels, keychains and more! You can make an everlasting bouquet or use them to spruce up an event invitation. Embellishments like these are too cute to stop making, and you will be hooked right away.

Paperback, 112 Pages, $14.24, 978-1250077943


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