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Summer Petals Shawlette

This very pink shawlette is the perfect summer wrap. Channel your inner girly-girl with this easy-to-make wrap.

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Width: 51” across top edge; Height: 25”

Gauge: 18 sc x 20 rows =4”


Yarn: Premier Yarns Cotton Fair (52% cotton, 48% acrylic; 317 yards [290 meters]/100 grams): #32-01 Cotton Candy (MC, 2 balls), #27-05 Baby Pink (CC, 1 ball)
Hook: US size G/6 (4.0 mm) hook or size needed to obtain gauge
Notions: Tapestry needle, movable stitch markers

Special Stitches

6-chain petals: Ch 6, yo hook 4 times, insert hook into ch farthest from the hook and draw up a loop (6 loops on hook), yo and draw through 2 loops at a time on the hook 5 times or until 1 loop remains.
3 petal clusters: Interlocking flowers are made when 6-ch petals are formed in the same ch space. Use stitch marker to indicate this space according to the pattern.

Pattern Notes

The sample stopped with 12 petals remaining. If you want the bottom point to be thinner, continue to decrease until 5 petals remain.
It is suggested that you use the movable stitch marker to mark the petal at the end of the row that you will not use in a three-petal cluster.


Row 1: Using MC, crochet 39 6-ch petals. Turn.
Row 2:* Mark the ch where the 2nd and 3rd petals from the hook intersect. Into that ch, make a 6-ch petal but stop when 3 lps are left on hook, and draw these lps tog. Make a 6-ch petal at the top of the petal just created. Insert hook into the same ch as the first petal in this group (the ch between the 2nd and 3rd petals) and make another 6-ch petal into that sp again stopping drawing through lps when 3 lps are left on the hook and pulling the 3 tog. This completes the 3-petal cluster.
Rep from * above with the next 2 base loops being used and continue across the base petals until 3 petal clusters are formed between all 6-ch petals.
In the last petal, do not make a cluster but make a final 6-ch petal that serves as your turning petal and begins your decreases.
Row 3: 6-ch petal, move marker to the next petal intersection and rep from * as in row 2. Always end the row with a 6-ch petal, turn and beg the next row with a 6-ch petal. Moving to the next intersection will decrease your shawl by one petal cluster per row.
Rows 4-6: Rep row 3. Cut MC and join CC.
Rows 7-12: Rep row 3 using CC and decreasing by 1 cluster per row. Cut CC color.
Rows 12-20: Rep row 3 using MC and decreasing until 12 groups of petals are remaining. If you want a more defined point, continue in the same manner until 5 petal clusters remain.


Fasten off and weave in all ends.

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