Carefree Crochet: 50 Soft, Fashionable Projects That Make You Feel Good

Crocheting beautiful, comfortable designs shouldn’t have to be difficult. This book is the answer to crocheting easy and trendy designs with low stress and excellent results. Featuring patterns for both summer and winter, there are several easy projects in this book as well as more complex designs.

Hardcover, 153 Pages, $24.95, 978-1570768880

  • KELLY H.

    I am trying to make the black poncho in this book and I cannot figure out for the life of me where to sew it up to turn it into a poncho. The pattern is world back and forth to make a huge rectangle and then the only instructions are fold in half and sew together 11 in down from fold. How does this become a poncho? A picture or chart would be very helpful, anyone tried this and can help please?


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