Cuddly Crochet Critters: 26 Animal Patterns

Every now and then, a collection of projects comes along that makes you squeal with delight! Cuddly Crochet Critters does just that with its 26 soft, pillow-like animals that are 100 percent huggable and easy to crochet. Ideal for beginner crocheters who are looking for fun gifts for the little ones in your life, these projects are so cute you won’t know which one to make (or hug) first!  Based on the Japanese “tsum tsum” style, each project starts with a standard base shape for the body featuring basic crochet stitches. From there, choose from 13 additional “critter combinations” and enjoy mixing and matching pattern pieces to create your very own koala, lion, zebra and more.

Paperback, 112Pages, $19.95, 978-048683395


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