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Vanilla Chai Cowl

This cowl features an unusual and eye-catching two-row stitch: a shell made on an angle dotted with puffs. It’s dimensional, lacy, and it’s one of those stitches that looks harder than it is. Plus, it feels and looks luxurious around the neck!

Skill Level: Easy

Size: 6” x 40”

Gauge: 5 patt reps = 6” and 2 rows = 1”

Note: A pattern rep consists of the stitches between the * and the phrase “rep from”.



Light Weight Yarn Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend (70% Merino Extrafine, 30% Silk; 150 yards [135 metres]/50 grams: SB3220 Marzipan, 2 skeins

Hook: Size I/9 (5.50 mm)

Notions: Tapestry needle

Special Stitches

Long ch: Draw loop on hook up to 3/4”.

Puff: (Yo, insert hook in designated st, yo and draw loop up to 3/4”) 4 times, yo, draw through all loops on hook.

Pattern Notes

Make sure to draw the puffs and long chains up to a 3/4” to achieve the fluffy appearance and feel. The first loop of the Puff is especially important to draw up tall as it effects the following loops in that Puff, but don’t worry if all your Puffs are not exactly alike – they tend to vary and that’s part of their charm.

Be sure to make 6 Puffs in each even numbered row.

The ch-1 after each Puff closes the Puff. When working the ends of odd-numbered rows, the ch-1 sits right above the Puff and is easy to see.


Ch 27.

Row 1 (RS): (Sc, ch 3, 3 dc) in 2nd ch from hook, *sk 4 ch, (sc, ch 3, 3 dc) in next ch; rep from * across row, sc in last ch, turn – 5 patt reps plus 1 sc.

Row 2: Long ch, Puff in first sc, *ch 1, sk 3 dc, sc in top of next ch 3, ch 3, Puff in next sc; rep from * across row, turn – 5 patt reps plus 1 Puff.

Row 3: Ch 1, sk Puff *(sc, ch 3, 3 dc) in ch-3 sp**, sk (sc, Puff); rep from * across row, ending last rep at **, sc in ch-1 sp above Puff, turn.

Rows 4-79: Rep Rows 2-3, ending with Row 2. Feel free to work more or fewer rows for desired length.

The last row is worked with fewer chains so it can easily be joined with the first row to complete the cowl.

Row 80: Long ch, Puff in first sc, ch 1, sk 3 dc, sc in top of next ch 3, ch 2, Puff in next sc; rep from *across row, turn.


With RS facing, work sl st seam joining each st of Row 80 with base chains of Row 1. Work loosely so that this seam does not bunch up fabric. As you work the sl sts, make sure each Puff lines up with the base of a fan (that is the sc, ch 3, 3 dc) on Row 1, then join chains to chains, skipping any extra chains on Row 80 if necessary, join last Puff to base of last sc in Row 1. Fasten off.yarn ball

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