Olivia Kent

Olivia Kent

Olivia Kent is a crochet designer who is passionate about reinventing crochet into a form of modern creativity.

A few years ago she decided to start a website called “Hopeful Honey”, and it was literally love at first sight! Since then she's designed dozens of crochet patterns, ranging from Disney inspired baby projects to fashionable flapper hats. She's even been featured on Craftaholics Anonymous, The Whoot and many more!

In addition to crocheting, she's also very passionate about teaching others a love for learning and creating. She wants to inspire people to create, and to fill the world with new creativity, ideas and beauty.

You can find her on her website, on Facebook and on Pinterest.

Projects by Olivia Kent

Moroccan Tile Poncho


Ponchos have become such an iconic part of fashion that you can go almost anywhere and find dozens of ponchos in varying textures, colors and designs. This poncho, with its unique Moroccan Tile design (stitch incorporated into pattern) and chunky tassels that add an element of bohemian charm, will make the perfect accessory for when you’re in the mood for style and warmth.

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In Bloom Triangle Scarf


This bohemian-inspired triangle scarf features unique motifs that are joined as you go to create a very feminine and intricate design. It provides the ideal layering accessory that’s both warm and stylish.

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Cabled Leg Warmers


Create not only a beautifully textured pair of leg warmers that would be a great accessory to wear on those chillier days, but also learn a new crochet technique, the cable stitch, in the process! These leg warmers each feature a cable running down the front and back, as well as buttons along the side that can be buttoned up securely for the perfect fit.

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Tasseled Boho Scarf


As the weather turns warmer as we head into spring, this tasseled scarf is the perfect way to stay warm on those chillier afternoons. Plus, it’s perfect for adding a touch of bohemian charm to whatever outfit it’s paired with.

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Sugar & Spice Sundress


The perfect way to start thinking about spring is with a darling and incredibly feminine sundress. Every little girl would look so sweet and adorable as she enjoys the sunshine in this little outfit. The bodice of this dress is embellished with tiny flowers, whilst the skirt of the dress features a dainty shell stitch.

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Chai Tea Latte Poncho


On those cooler winter evenings when you need some extra layers to keep you warm, this poncho would be the perfect accessory. It will keep you warm and cozy yet still looking stylish and chic! This poncho features the stitch commonly known as Catherine’s Wheel, a textured stitch that is all in one color for a sophisticated look.

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Winter Wisteria Booties


On those chillier evenings, these cabled ankle booties would help to keep even the tiniest tootsies warm and looking extra stylish! The booties each feature a flipped over cuff, with mini cable stitches running down the cuff.

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Honeycomb Button Cowl  &  Headband


With the colder months fast approaching, this scarf would make a perfect project so you would have something warm to quickly throw on as you head out the door to brace a chilly fall day! The scarf features a lovely and unique ribbed texture in the grit stitch towards the front to create a functional overlapping button section. Not only is the headband chic, quirky and adorable, but since it’s crocheted using a ribbed stitch it also creates a snug fit while featuring a lovely texture!

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Pretty Pumpkin Baby Booties


During the season that flaunts its love of pumpkins, why not create these adorable booties for baby’s first Halloween? The booties each feature a ribbed section towards the front, created using front post double crochet stitches to replicate the appearance of a pumpkin. These tiny booties also include straps to give the best fit and optimal comfort.

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