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Deep Waters Tee


Inspired by trendy street wear, this sweater features a lacy mesh stitch and a fun split sleeve for effortless style. Like the colors of the ocean far away from shore, the tee’s darker shade of blue has a subtly electric vibe, perfect for an afternoon out of the office.

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Secret Waterfall Shawl


With fringe reminiscent of a cascading waterfall, this shawl is sophisticated, detailed, and unique. Worked in the row from bottom to top, this intermediate pattern will keep you on your toes for a rewarding end piece!

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Peach Bliss Cardi


There is so much to love about this classic cardigan: the dreamy peach hues, the adorable buttons, and the detailed shell stitch. Wear this textured piece to complement a simple tank and chunky jewelry.

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Adventure-Ready Tote


When you decide it’s time for a quick and spontaneous vacation, you need a tote that can stand up to the challenge. Roomy and beautifully striped, this bag is the ideal travel companion. Plus, since it’s quick to crochet, you can whip it up easily while planning all the stops on your trip.

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Macaron Scrubbies


Reminiscent of French macaron cookies, these delightful scrubbies look good enough to eat. Thanks to the three layers of crochet, these scrubbies are durable; plus, they are so versatile they will be useful anywhere around the house, whether you use them to add some whimsy to your dish washing or keep them near the living room in case of emergency spills.

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Cheerful Countryside Placemat


When you need a break from your hectic schedule, a trip to the country promises a relaxing and homey respite, and this iconic blue hue embodies that feeling of laid-back escape. This placemat’s rolling, mesmerizing shell stitch and easily repeatable stripes make it a must-have accessory for the next time you need to make your own home feel like a getaway.

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Sweet Pea Bunting


Bunting is one of the greatest ways to decorate any space and add a fun pop of color to a party! The center of each triangle of the Sweet Pea Bunting features a lovely and vibrant flower, making it the perfect option for celebrating the start of summer with garden picnics and parties!

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Sunrise Kids’ Rug


Welcome the warmer days with a sunrise-inspired rug—a perfect addition to any kid’s room. The round shape and simple half double crochet stitch will be a fun and easy change from your usual projects.

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Tropical Daze Throw


Transport yourself to the tropics with the bright colors of this gorgeous throw. The geometric design was inspired by patchwork quilts and features a crisp layout of individual squares and triangles.

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Sunbeam Puzzle Ball


Summer is all about having a little fun, so work up this bright puzzle ball for yourself or as a creative gift. This quick project is a blast to crochet because you can mix and match colors and shapes to add your personality to the puzzle. Make all the sides smooth like Segments 1 & 2, or all of them pointy like Segment 3!

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