Red Heart

www.redheart.com. There’s a little bit of love woven into every strand.
Red Heart Boutique is our newest yarn collection targeted to the fashionista knitter and crocheter who loves beautiful textures and colors, but still wants affordable options.
Crochet Today! magazine is a Red Heart publication that provides fresh pattern ideas, interesting articles, and opportunities to win yarn!

Projects by Red Heart

Butterscotch Cream Hat

Introducing the perfect winter hat, the Butterscotch Cream Hat is made with soft shades of brown and cream, meaning it’s easy to mix and match with whatever you’re wearing!
Designed by Linda Dean for Red Heart

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Tropical Midnight Scarf

This simple, striped scarf is the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list. Choose neutral colors for a classic look, or be bold in your selections to stand out.
Designed by Laurinda Reddig for Red Heart

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Falling Leaves Afghan

Bring the fun of fall into your home with this leaf-covered afghan. Drape it over the sofa or fold it neatly at the foot of your bed — you can’t go wrong with this autumn classic.
Designed by Bernat Design Studio

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Candy Corn Basket

This is a fun and festive tote crocheted in rounds with two strands of yarn. Inspired by the ever popular candy corn treat, this basket is sturdy enough to hold a big Halloween haul!

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Little Man Necktie

Dress up your little man with this simple necktie. It’s great for using up leftover yarn (and for some laughs).
Designed by Randy Cavaliere.

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Crochet Armrest Cozy

Use this convenient crochet caddy to hold all your necessities, from the TV remote to your latest crochet pattern. Simply place the flap under a cushion or over the arm of a chair and it’s ready to use.
Designed by Cathy Black.

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Floral Crush Flower Pot Cozy

Add some charm to your household plants with this simple yet striking pattern. Just place this crocheted cozy over a container and instantly add a splash of color to your surroundings.
Designed by Nirmal Kaur Khalsa.

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Double Woven Throw

Designed by: Ruthie Marks for Red Heart

Holding two strands of yarn together means you can make this two-strand throw with a woven look in half the time! Choose any two shades of yarn that will accent your surroundings and enjoy!

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