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Striped Crochet Products Round Up

Stripes are in style so we gathered some products that fit this striped theme!

  1. Luxja Crochet Tote Bag, Gray, $26; toyboxtech.com
  2. Knitter’s Pride Stitch Marker Pouch, Greenery, $7; yarn.com
  3. Projects In Progress Notebook, $6; hobbylobby.com
  4. della Q Cleo Yarn Caddy, Watercolor – Teal Stripe, $46; jimmybeanswool.com
  5. Caspian Regular Crochet Hook Set, 8 sizes, $40; knitpicks.com
  6. della Q Rosemary, Stripes/Sunset, $36; jimmybeanswool.com
  7. Ceramic Yarn Bowl, Blue Striped, $34; etsy.com
  8. Striped Wooden Buttons, $3; etsy.com
  9. Knitter’s Pride Shawl Pin, Symfonie Flora Shell, $13; yarn.com
  10. Clover Getaway Case for Crochet Hooks, $8; toyboxtech.com
  11. Atenti Tall Caddy, Mama Llama Blue Print, $79; etsy.com
  12. Skein Coats, $8; etsy.com
  13. Ammee’s Babies Large TotoBag FiberShield Yarn Dispenser, $18; lionbrand.com
  14. Striped Buttons, Navy, $3; etsy.com
  15. Striped Rainbow Gumball Stitch Marker Set, $8; etsy.com 


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