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Crochet Refresh Video Series: Part 4

Decreasing in Single Crochet

Often you’ll see this stitch as sc2tog, or Single Crochet Two Together within a pattern. This type of decrease is great for amigurumi toys and you’ll see it often used in shaping sweaters. You’ll learn how to take two single crochet stitches and decreasing them to one stitch. It will allow you to shape your crochet piece however you want!

Decreasing in Double Crochet

Most often you will be doing dc2tog, or Double Crochet Two Together and you’ll see this a lot in sweater construction to help you create the best fit. Take two double crochet stitches and make them into one.

Decreasing in Treble Crochet

Written as tr2tog , or treble crochet two together,  sweaters and shawls use this decrease all the time for perfect shaping. Learn how to turn two treble crochets into one treble crochet stitch in this quick video.



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